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Smart Warehouse Solutions


Scale-up and simplify the warehouse supply chain using the very latest in workflow management systems. Taking the latest in Smart Warehouse Solutions (SWS), businesses can track and locate assets and products currently in the warehouse, as well as stock levels . With this easy-to-use system, clients can benefit from the latest digital mapping capability to see what's happening in the warehouse. Providing management with data in real-time, it is a highly integrated system that simplifies workflow processes and increases supply chain efficiency.

Every asset and product in the warehouse is given a unique digital fingerprint, linked by an inbuilt antenna to the tracking system. Each fingerprint, when scanned with a portable handheld device, loads up all information to a central information portal. Linking up with the in-house Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, clients can check on the status of every product and asset located inside the warehouse. And checking data is just as easy – either by laptop or via smartphone.



The benefits of using the SWS system includes:

  •  Automatic data entry from RFID tags giving increased efficiency.

  •  Quick, wireless integration of warehouse data and information into the ERP system.

  •  Easy access to up-to-date information for invoicing, purchase order payments and inventory tracking.

  •  Increased accuracy, giving quick and easily accessibly sales data.

  •  Increased security, avoiding product theft.

Incorporating ERP, LTL and EDI systems alongside a hybrid RIFD fingerprint, clients can more easily track warehouse functionality and in-warehouse assets. Not only is it built around your needs, it also:

  •  Increases productivity

  •  Increases customer satisfaction

  •  Increases Rate on Investment (ROI)

  •  Decreases costs

  •  Decreases job fulfillment time

  •  Decreases room for human error

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