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Smart Indoor Tracking


Being able to locate assets and people quickly in a busy work environment is an important part of the modern workplace. With this in mind, Smart Indoor Tracking (SIT) software guides departmental shift navigations, and effective asset movement.

Based on the latest RFID tracking software, clients can keep real-time tabs on employee location and product movement along the supply chain. With onsite and offsite capabilities, clients can create movement maps for display on multiple devices.



SIT technology doesn’t just end with easy workforce and asset location. Other benefits include:

  • Keep track of employee and departmental locations, either through single floor or multi-level maps.

  • Agile and effective tracking and location of all assets to avoid theft or misuse, particularly if assets are in transit.

  • Keep track of and find available meeting rooms and free buildings.

  • Safe employee evacuation in case of emergencies, and reduce time spent in risky searches.

  • Easy and effective security personnel route control.

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