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Smart Inventory Management


Taking the latest in RFID-based inventory tracking software, Smart Inventory Management (SIM) software accentuates easy product management. It helps businesses create a custom-built inventory tracking software system that increases supply chain visibility across all selling platforms. Using the latest in chip-based RFID fingerprinting, clients can stay on top of the numbers when tracking the supply chain process, whatever the location.

With each product given a unique fingerprint with embedded antenna, it’s so much easier to avoid costly and time-consuming stock takings. Information and data can be screened using computer or mobile apps, allowing you greater access and flexibility.



With SIM software, clients can benefit from:

  •  Easier stock level monitoring and inventory taking through a simple scan and data save.

  •  Real-time access to inventory information and stock levels.

  •  Reduced human error due to less paperwork.

  •  Accurate control of data, including purchasing needs, sales, profit margins etc.

  •  Minimal lost sales and keep up with demand.

  •  An efficient, time-saving product flow.

  •  Increased capabilities to maintain a steady inflow of products in line with product outflow.

  •  Real time access to product demand and replacement and buying needs data.

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