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Fleet Management System


When the fleet forms an important part of the way a business works, vehicle tracking systems give the client an easy-to-use and effective system of keeping tabs on their vehicles. Using innovative Fleet Management System software that can be accessed anywhere and at any time, clients gain real-time access to updates and data, managing and accomplishing tasks related to their fleet of vehicles.

With this information at the fingertips, businesses can reduce the risks involved with investing in vehicles, improve the fleet’s efficiency and productivity, and reduce transportation and staff costs. Clients can also access quick and easy information on the location of each vehicle and approximate time frames for job fulfillment. Vehicle tracking systems also provide clients with effective security features, allowing them easy tracking of unauthorized access and usage.

Providing up-to-date data and information on the fleet, clients and customers can schedule around expected vehicle arrivals. Clients also maintain complete control over the fleet. Put simply, this means easy dispatch of each vehicle; easy rearrangement of which vehicle is used for which job depending on traffic and weather conditions; and straightforward creation of maintenance and upkeep schedules.



  •  Effective vehicle management.

  •  Job and task scheduling.

  •  Resource and manpower reallocation, depending on weather and traffic conditions.

  •  Minimize or remove risks linked to vehicle investment.

  •  Improvements in workflow efficiency and productivity.

  •  Reduces staff costs through effective management.

  •  Outlines of approximate time frames at your fingertips - so you can see when a service or product will arrive at its destination.

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