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Providing clients with consolidated experience to improve asset, people and vehicle tracking processes

At TNT Solutions Systems, the vision is to maintain top spot as a leading global provider of effective, strategic RFID tracking solutions - and part of this is carried out with IT solutions consultation services.

As part of TNT Solutions Systems’ IT solutions consultation services, detailed analyses are conducted of the gaps in the client’s current IT hardware and software solutions. A detailed Technical Report is then handed over that outlines how the obstacles affect each client’s work and recommended solutions to upgrade and improve system functionality. Each recommendation is subject to cost constraints defined by the client, functions, architecture and support.

Clients have the option of either independently implementing the suggestions provided, or they can contract TNT Solutions Systems to implement the changes.

TNT Solutions Systems takes pride in undertaking extensive analysis of each client’s current IT system, whether an upgrade to current IT hardware and software is required or an entirely new system.

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